It begins.

Welcome to Lofty!  As you may have gathered, we are a newly established community media outlet in the Adelaide Hills.   So far, we have this website (which is still looking a bit empty, but will fill up soon enough), and a 24/7 radio stream.

We are planning a LOT more than this, but all good things take time.   Team Lofty is carefully putting together what is needed to ensure that the Adelaide Hills has a vibrant, sustainable and truly independent media outlet.  A strong audio and video based online presence is the beginning, and we are on the way to acquiring an FM licence, to expand our reach among people that like good old-fashioned radio.

The message is more important than the medium, though.  Whether it’s through locally created content, or content from elsewhere that presents stories, music and culture that is of interest to Hills residents, Lofty will be a conduit for the flow of ideas and creativity into the Hills, around the Hills, and out of the Hills.   The people of the Adelaide Hills enjoy a better sense of wellbeing than anyone else in Australia (Australian Unity Wellbeing Research Team, 2016), and we can show just how great the Adelaide Hills region is by producing content that people from other places can enjoy.

Details of the official Lofty launch will be released in due course, and there will be a public meeting before the end of the year to explain who we are, what we do and to give you the chance to consider whether or not you’d like to be involved.  If you can’t wait quite that long, read the About Lofty section, and take a look at our Constitution.  We have nothing to hide, but right now we don’t have much more to share.

If you’re on Facebook, please like our page and let us know what you think.

-Team Lofty

Source: Australian Unity Wellbeing Research Team (2016). Wellbeing In Australian Federal Electorates. Australian Unity Wellbeing Index. [online] Melbourne: Australian Centre on Quality of Life. Available at: [Accessed 31 Aug. 2017].