The revolution will not be televised.

We’re now a few months into the Lofty journey, and we’re on the cusp of a couple of Pretty Big Things.

There have been a few challenges to get to this point, but arguably the greatest challenge is to explain what Lofty is.   Is Lofty a website?  Is Lofty a radio station?  Is Lofty a community noticeboard?  Is Lofty an exchange of progressive ideas?  Is Lofty a champion of local music?


One of the Pretty Big Things is our official launch.  Our first outing into the community will be at a major event in the Adelaide Hills during November 2017.  This is the starting point to invite other likeminded folks to join Team Lofty in the care and feeding of a 100% voluntary, grassroots, people-powered media organisation for the Adelaide Hills.

We are fortunate to live in a part of the world that has a lot to offer, but we’re also curious about what’s happening in the outside world.  Whilst the incumbent media outlets do what they can to capture and disseminate items of interest to Hills dwellers, it’s an enormous job.   Lofty can’t guarantee to plug every hole that’s left by others, but we’ll cater to as many niches as possible.

Lofty’s approach to media is an ala carte menu of specific offerings, rather than a buffet where everything kinda tastes the same.   If it turns out you’re only interested in one of Lofty’s offerings as a listener, viewer or reader, then that’s fine.  In fact, it’s welcomed, as it’s an active choice you’ve made to give us a set block of your time every week.  If you’re not that fussed about what’s on the menu at the moment, come back later and have another look.

The fact that we’re not going to try and appeal to everybody simultaneously – and thus end up appealing to virtually nobody – is seen by some as being unrealistic.  We prefer to see it as revolutionary.

The revolution will not be televised.  It will, however, be online.  With careful planning and a bit of luck, the Lofty revolution will also make its way onto the FM band in the foreseeable future.

-Team Lofty