We are getting very close to our official public launch.  In preparation, we have been doing some significant work to the Lofty website.  Both things you can see and things you can’t see have been polished up, tidied up, fixed up and generally been given a rework in preparation for the launch.

A few features we’re pretty excited about:

  • The Lofty Gigs & Events Guide is a merger of the previous Gig Guide and Events Guide.  This has allowed us to introduce a new Post Your Event feature, making it easy for not-for-profit organisations and local musos to let us know about upcoming events.
  • A new pop-up radio player, accessible from our front page.
  • Two new contact forms: a general contact form and a specific form for people wishing to express an interest in joining Lofty.
  • Improved graphics with better scaling and responsive performance across more devices (mobile, tablet and desktop).

We’re working on yet more features.  We can’t tell you what they are just yet, or when they’ll get here.  However, what we can say is that we are serious about developing Lofty into a valuable cultural and community asset for the Adelaide Hills.  It’s also quite possible that some of this site’s biggest and best ideas are yet to come.  Could you be the one to bring one of Lofty’s next bright ideas to life?

– Team Lofty