Three D Radio 93.7 FM

Three D Radio has been broadcasting since 1979 as an S-Class community radio station on 93.7FM across the greater metropolitan area of Adelaide and its surrounding country areas. We have 87 diverse programs going to air each week.

Three D Radio is run by the Progressive Music Broadcasting Association Inc. (PMBA). We are committed to playing contemporary, progressive and alternative music.  There are no playlists or rotations on Three D Radio. Each of our 120+ announcers is free to choose the music that they present. We do have a quota system which ensures that our overall the station’s music content contains at least 40% Australian, 20% local and 25% female content.

It is the only major metropolitan broadcaster in Australia that is entirely run by volunteers. We have no paid staff or agents on commission. Every last cent helps us to keep broadcasting and become a stronger, more independent organisation – and that helps us to play more local music.

Lofty appreciates Three D Radio’s support.