Whilst we don’t pay sales reps to go knocking on doors, Lofty is always keen to speak with any business owner looking to sponsor us.

Sponsorship can be either ongoing, seasonal or just a one-off to test the waters or get a specific message out there.   We’ll do what we can to ensure that your message finds its most suitable audience.   Because of Lofty’s unique structure and wide range of member talents, we may even be able to do a bit more than just a simple 30 second radio spot.   It all boils down to imagination and budget.  Best of all, because we’re not paying anyone to drum up business, you know that your sponsorship dollars will go straight back into supporting the creative and social fabric of the Adelaide Hills.

In the interests of transparency and full disclosure, Lofty will be publishing its standard sponsorship rate card online.  Look out for it in the near future.