The Founders’ Musings

The wit and wisdom of one of Lofty’s Founding Fathers and/or Mothers.

Part one in a series of op-ed pieces by Tony Sander. Adelaide Hills locals have heard Lofty’s test broadcasts on 88.9 FM since the end of November, and is licenced to broadcast for three days per week (Sunday, Monday and Tuesday) under a Temporary Community Broadcasting Licence (TCBL) issued by […]

Freedom of choice: Part 1

by Tony Sander. It’s been a tough week for many Gen Xers – myself included – as we’ve seen two iconic 1990s figures pass away in Keith Flint and Luke Perry, and an erstwhile King Of Pop apparently disrobed of his regalia due to fresh allegations surrounding his conduct when […]

Lofty: Radio with latitude

by Tony Sander. Introducing oneself is always fraught with danger.  As I once read on the wall of a Pizza Hut, you don’t have a second chance to make a first impression. I had considered borrowing an introductory line from one of my broadcasting heroes; the successfully inept Alan Partridge.  […]

Knowing me, knowing you