EP Launch – Satan’s Cheerleaders with Eraser Description

September 21, 2018 @ 8:00 pm – 11:00 pm
The Jade

Satan’s Cheerleaders launching new EP “The Mechanical Turk”! This is the first batch of original tracks the Cheerleaders have put out since 2014’s “The New Adventures of Satan’s Cheerleaders”.

After the release of last year’s full length instrumental album, playing the music of The Last Ninja, songs with vocals are now in order. In true Cheerleaders style the lyrics will be dealing with essential modern day issues such as the practicalities of becoming a hermit, imaginary girlfriends, biting people and the dangers that felines faced in Iran during the 1990’s.

Tickets are $10 pre sale or $15 on the door. Obviously cheaper to pre-book so do it now!


EP’s $10. Conatct the band if you wish to pre-order.

To learn more about the band visit:


And because we believe in value for money, for the price of one ticket you will be permitted to watch the excellent and congenial Eraser Description. To learn more about this moorish musical more (pronounced mor-ay for great effect, please investigate as below: