Lofty Community Media Incorporated ABN 73 798 304 687 is an incorporated association, based in South Australia, under the Associations Incorporation Act 1985.  Upon being granted a Temporary Community Broadcasting Licence in November 2018, Lofty became a community broadcaster as defined under the Broadcasting Services Act (Cth) 1992, therefore we adhere to the principles of the Community Radio Broadcasting Code of Practice 2008. Lofty was awarded a full-time broadcasting licence in October 2020 on the 88.9fm frequency.

In the interests of full disclosure to current members, potential members and other stakeholders, Lofty is delighted to make its Constitution freely available for your perusal.  You may also visit the CBAA website to read more about what Community Radio is all about, but we’ve linked the Code below for your convenience.  We have also included other Acts that may be of interest to Lofty members, along with those seeking to join.

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Constitution Lofty Community Media Version 1.4 public


Bullying Policy and Procedures

Sexual Harassment Policy and Procedures

Diversity, Access and Equity Policy

Environmental Sustainability Policy

Codes, Acts and other regulatory instruments

Associations Incorporation Act (SA) 1985

Broadcasting Services Act (Cth) 1992

Community Radio Broadcasting Codes of Practice 2008

Equal Opportunity Act (SA) 1984

Volunteers Protection Act (SA) 2001


The private social media accounts of our presenters and members are theirs and the views and content in them are not to be considered an endorsement by Lofty Community Media Inc.