Democracy Now! is an international daily news program hosted by journalists Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez. Pioneering the largest public media collaboration in the U.S., Democracy Now! is broadcast on over 1,000 radio stations worldwide every week.  Lofty is proud to present this world class news and current affairs program […]

Democracy Now! Weekdays 6am

Lofty is proud to welcome The Wire to its growing stable of world-class programming. The Wire is a daily current affairs program, broadcast exclusively on Community and Indigenous radio stations around Australia.  Since 2004, The Wire has prided itself on covering news and current affairs from a different perspective to […]

The Wire: Weeknights 6:30pm

Every week, Ori Uplift brings emotional uplifting trance, vocal uplifting trance, and a little orchestral and chillout music. Uplifting Only is the world’s leading radio show for the orchestral uplifting trance genre. To quote iTunes commenters, Uplifting Only is “nonstop mixes by the best source for uplifting trance music. Perfect […]

Uplifting Only: Sunday 1am