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Yas has a whole lotta love for quality music from all corners of the globe.  With tracks spanning an astonishing array of genres and countries of origin, Yas fearlessly dives deep into the world of music. Every week, she compiles a quality selection of tunes and bakes them into a […]

Whole Lotta Love – Monday 4pm

Since 1991, Barry Vogel has interviewed hundreds of people on a curiously wide array of topics concerning life and ideas. Barry’s guests come from all walks life: academics, psychologists, writers, historians, researchers, scientists, actors and more. Each guest has a unique story to tell, and Barry has an uncanny ability […]

Radio Curious – Wednesday 6pm

Steve James is a lifelong musician, having first picked up a guitar at 12 years old. Steve has a special love of the Blues and says that sharing that love with people on the air is a real privilege.  This shows through Steve’s careful selection of Blues tracks spanning the […]

Blues Cafe with Steve James – Tuesday 10pm

Every Sunday morning, Lofty proudly presents Sustainability Sunday: a 2 hour block of high quality programming discussing themes including the environment, sustainability and climate change. NEW! 9:00am – DW Living Planet.  The weekly half-hour radio magazine Living Planet tells environment stories from around the world, digging deeper into topics that […]

Sustainability Sunday – Now from 9am